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In An Exhibit

This painting was entered into the Art Scape 14 Exhibit.  Three painting were entered and this is the one that the jurors chose.  It will be on exhibit at the Lord Fairfax College in Middletown, Virginia.  The exhibit opened on April 2023 and will close in June 2023.  The Banner of this painting and 60 other entries will be displayed on the The Walking Mall in Old Town Winchester, VA from June 2023 until May of 2024.

These two painting were part of The 

Light, Space and Time "Women's Only" On-Line Exhibit for the month of February 2023. Five painting were entered and these two were picked by the jurors.  It was an On-line only event.  Out of 893 submission from around the world these two where chosen to be displayed in the exhibit.

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