Carole S Miernik, Artist

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Paint By Grace Art Gallery is an online gallery that contains original artwork done on canvas, glass, paper, wood and stone. 

Artists Bio
My mother taught me to paint by numbers at the age of four, and that started my love and passion for painting. 

By the age of ten, I graduated from paint by numbers to painting my own creations.  During my junior high school years I started sketching with pencil and paper.  By the time high school rolled around I started learning to paint with acrylics.  Directly after high school I joined the military and returned to my first love, painting with oils.  After the military and my children were born, I started experimenting with face painting.   I have always loved being creative and learning new skills, so I taught myself to paint on glass, wood, and stone.  I am always seeking to learn new techniques and to improve my skills, and grow in the knowledge of different mediums.